OIC and COVID-19

Weekly updates on COVID19

Breakthroughs in Global Research on COVID-19 ( 16-June-2020 )

Comprehensive list of all registered clinical trials currently underway in OIC countries against COVID-19

Speakers for clinical trial, capacity building in OIC states

Programme on best higher education practices during COVID-19 launched – COMSTECH would collaborate in this programme

International Seminar on COVID-19 Title: “Pakistan Randomized and Observational Trial to Evaluate Coronavirus Treatment (PROTECT)” By Prof. Dr. Ghazna Khalid

Date and Time: 5th June 2020, 3:00 pm PST through ZOOM Meeting

Click here  to watch the recording of the Seminar.

Ministry of IT & Telecom through IGNITE is Providing Funding Support to High-Impact & Short Time-To-Market Ideas, that can be developed to tackle the most pressing challenges by COVID-19 outbreak.

Coronavirus: Here’s everything you need to know about the Moderna vaccine

Pakistan Randomised Observational Trial to Evaluate Coronavirus Treatment (PROTECT) Underway.

AI-based COVID-19 Detection System

IsDB-TWAS Joint Research & Technology Transfer Grant 2020: (Quick-Response Research on COVID-19)

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