COMSTECH-IFS Research Grants Programme

Allocation of Resources US$200,000/year
COMSTECH Share US$100,000/year
Total Number of Grantees 358 (up to 2020)

COMSTECH signed a MoU with International Foundation for Science (IFS), Stockholm, in 1998 for strengthening of S&T in the OIC member states. The joint Programme is valuable because of the similarity of the mandates and strong common interests in capacity building of the two organizations in the developing countries. The essential purpose of the collaboration is to enhance research capability within the OIC region, and to reap a rich harvest by obtaining matching grants from IFS (US$ 0.1 million/year) for OIC scientists and institutions.

This important Programme has financed 341 projects in various disciplines in 32 member states of the OIC. The countries supported include Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Egypt, Gabon, Gambia, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somali, Sudan, Suriname, Togo, Tunisia and Uganda. The funds jointly provided so far amount to US$ 3.6878 million. Country-wise distribution of the grants is given in the following table:

Selected Research Proposals for COMSTECH/IFS Co-Funding 

Session 2020 – Grants in USD 

S. No.NameProject TitleCountryAmount in USD
 1HOUNNOU, Fèmi (Male)Role of weather services in farmer’s adaptive strategies to cope with climate change effects in BeninBenin11,300
 2ALLAKONON, Marsanne G. B. (Female)Maize deficit irrigation to improve crop productivity and reduce water loss and soil nutrient mining in Northern BeninBenin14,039
 3OUILI, S. Amidou (Male)   Distribution of post-harvest fungi and assessment of mycotoxin contamination in bambara groundnut and cowpea produced in Burkina FasoBurkina Faso12,600
 4AKAKPO, Agbémébia Yawovi (Male)   Development of nanoemulsion oil formulation from Cymbopogon citratus essential oils and application into fresh soymilk and tiger-nut milk produce in Burkina FasoBurkina Faso7,600  
 5KOUEMOU Emegam, Nadege (Female)  Effect of aqueous extract of Dichrocephala integrifolia on alcohol-induced behavioural and cognitive deficits in miceCameroon11,985  
 6TSATSOP Tsague, Roli Karole (Male)  Spray drying of indigenous fruit juices of Lannea microcarpa and Carissa edulis with carrier agents (carbohydrates, gums) of Cameroonian plantsCameroon15,000  
 7N’ZI, Amenan Fabienne Anne-Julie (Female)  Characterization of Bacillus cereus group species isolated from artisanal infant flours in Côte d’IvoireCote D’Ivoire15,000  
 8MONTEIRO, Gaby (Female)  Development and validation of a novel virus neutralization test for Rift Valley Fever diagnoseMozambique15,000  
 9Zango, Oumarou (Male)  Quality and establishment of a pollen bank of date palms in Sahel areaNiger10,005  
 10Olugbami, Jeremiah (Male)  Inhibition of cancer metastasis by natural products via selective targeting of drivers of actin cytoskeletal remodelling and immunoboostingNigeria10,000  
 11Ismail, Hammad (Male)  Bioassays guided isolation and identification of anti-Alzheimer compounds from Berberis lyceumPakistan7,754  
 12Sarfraz, Iqra (Female)             Transforming fruit waste biomass into health dietary supplements for cancer treatmentPakistan11,985  
 13Zarif, Bina (Female)  Nano-nutraceuticals for sustainable food enrichment: a step to target Hidden HungerPakistan14,088  
 14DITTA, ALLAH (Male)   Transcriptome profiling and characterization of cotton germplasm for salt tolerance in PakistanPakistan15,000  
 15Ayeki, KAINA (Female)           Sustainability of Fuelwood Production Systems and Supply Chains in the Central Region of TogoTogo12,541  
 16Byakika, Stellah (Female)  Starter culture development and improvement of safety of commercially produced Bongo, a fermented dairy product from UgandaUganda14,300  
 17KERFUA, Susan Diana (Female)  Evaluation of immune response of 6-12 month old calves to serotype O strain of the foot-and-mouth disease trivalent vaccine used in UgandaUganda12,000  
   Total in USD210,197

Country-wise Distribution of COMSTECH-IFS Grantees from 1998 to 2019

S. No.CountryNo. of GranteesGrant in US$
1.              Afghanistan111,900
2.              Algeria112,000
3.              Bangladesh19206,400
4.              Benin26277,599
5.              Burkina Faso20200,329
6.              Cameroon19209,843
7.              Cote d’Ivoire20210,838
8.              Djibouti19,500
9.              Egypt13146,230
10.           Gabon223,500
11.           Gambia219,534
12.           Indonesia14167,220
13.           Iran15160,610
14.           Jordan555,500
15.           Lebanon223,500
16.           Malaysia13125,850
17.           Mali10102,624
18.           Mauritania112,000
19.           Morocco12119,970
20.           Mozambique554,850
21.           Niger885,740
22.           Nigeria22230,775
23.           Pakistan38417,892
24.           Palestine222,000
25.           Senegal12128,631
26.           Somalia112,000
27.           Sierra Leone447,920
28.           Sudan10115,965
29.           Suriname112,000
30.           Togo13145,979
31.           Tunisia12134,530
32.           Uganda17184,654
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