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    PAGE Under Construction COMSTECH Report (I) on Science Publications of OIC Member States The work on the Science Profile is…

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    COMSTECH-Newsletter-Dec-2020Download Newsletter-Apr-2021Download COMSTECH-Newsletter-Oct-2020Download COMSTECH-Newsletter-August-2020Download COMSTECH-Newsletter-June-2020Download COMSTECH-Newsletter-April-2020Download Download Download Download

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  • ISNET Distance training course

    ISNET Satellite Constellations: Introduction, Applications, Technical Aspects Distance training course on “Space Debris: Challenges and Mitigation Techniques” from 02 –…

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  • Past Events

    Developmental Psychoanalysis

    This is for the information that online hands-on training workshop entitled “Developmental Psychoanalysis” will be conducted by Dr. Alexandra M. Harrison (Assistant…

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