March 18-19, 2019

The First Meeting of the Steering Committee on the Implementation of OIC STI Agenda 2026 comprised of the OIC Institutions including the OIC General Secretariat, COMSTECH, COMCEC, IsDB, ISESCO, SESRIC, IAS, SMIIC, OIC-CERT, and ICYF was held at COMSTECH Secretariat, Islamabad on March 18-19, 2019. Under the Chair of H.E. Dr. Tariq Banuri, Coordinator General COMSTECH, the following members of the Steering Committee attended the meeting:


H.E. Amb. Muhammad Naeem Khan
Assistant Secretary General
OIC General Secretariat

Mr. Irfan Shaukat
Director General (S&T)
OIC General Secretariat

Mr. Arsalan Hasan Basri
Professional Officer
OIC General Secretariat


H.E. Dr. Tariq Banuri
Coordinator General (COMSTECH)

Prof. Dr. S. Khurshid Hasanain
Adviser (COMSTECH)

Prof. Dr. M. Qasim Jan
Adviser (COMSTECH)

Syed Aftab Hussain Zaidi
Director HR & Administration (COMSTECH)


H.E. Mr. Mehmet Metin EKER
Director General (COMCEC)

Mr. Fatih ÜNLÜ
Senior Expert (COMCEC)


H.E. Dr. Hayat Sulaiman H. Sindi
Senior Advisor to the President for Science, Technology, and Innovation
Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)

Mr. Mohamed Abida
Manager Executive Management Support & Protocol Division, Office of the President (IsDB)


Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed
Adviser to the Director General and Supervisor of the Cabinet (ISESCO)


Mr. Mehmet Fatih Serenli
Director of Training and Technical Cooperation Department (SESCRIC)


Prof. Dr. N.M. Butt
FIAS, Vice President, (IAS)


H.E. Mr. Ihsan OVUT
Secretary General (SMIIC)

Expert (SMIIC)


H.E. Mr. Taha Ayhan
President (ICYF)

H.E. Dr. Tariq Banuri, Coordinator General COMSTECH chaired the opening session and welcomed the delegates of 1st Steering Committee Meeting. He briefed the participants on the 1st OIC Summit on Science and Technology held on September 10-11, 2017 in Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan and emphasized the importance of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI).

H.E. Amb. Muhammad Naeem Khan, Assistant Secretary General OIC also thanked the participants and shared his views on the decisions of 1st OIC Summit and ongoing preparations of the 2nd OIC Summit on Science and Technology proposed to be held in Uzbekistan in 2020.  The Agenda of the meeting was circulated earlier and the floor was opened for discussions. The Chair invited delegates to give their short views.

The representatives from SMIIC, SESRIC, IsDB, and IAS took part in the deliberations and thanked the Chair for such a warm reception and hospitality extended to them.

Decision:    The Agenda of the meeting prepared and presented by the COMSTECH Secretariat was presented before the meeting and it was adopted unanimously.

The TORs of the 1st Steering Committee Meeting prepared by the COMSTECH in consultation of the OIC General Secretariat were presented before the meeting.

Decision:      The amendments proposed by the Steering Committee were unanimously agreed upon and, TORs were adopted (Annexure-I). download from here

Draft Work Plan for the Implementation of OIC STI Agenda was presented before the meeting. Dr. Khurshid Hasanain, Adviser COMSTECH introduced the Revised Draft Work Plan and activities of OIC STI Agenda 2026 as summarized in the Working Paper. The Chair then invited the members for detailed discussions on the documents and asked for their valuable suggestions, amendments and inputs, if there are any. The Members of the Steering Committee went through the Work Plan priority wise and suggested some amendments in the Work Plan.

On the second day of meeting (March 19, 2019), the meeting started at 09:30 am. The First Session was chaired by H.E. Amb. Muhammad Naeem Khan. He welcomed the representative of the ICYF arrived in early morning of March 19, 2019 and shared proceedings of 1st day of the meeting with him.  The representative of the ICYF thanked the Chair as well as COMSTECH and assured COMSTECH for ICYF’s cooperation and full support for the implementation of the OIC STI Agenda 2026.

Members of the Steering Committee reviewed the incorporated amendments and advised some more addition/ deletion in the Work Plan.

The modified version of the Revised Work Plan was circulated among the participants and the Chair informed the participants that the amendments suggested in the Work Plan in the earlier sessions have been incorporated.  The Steering Committee again reviewed each priority one by one to ensure that all the amendments have been incorporated.  After the review, the Chair suggested to the members that the amended Work Plan may be adopted, if there is no observation.

Decision:      The amended Work Plan was adopted unanimously (Annexure-II). download from here

Brainstorming session on Ideas/Proposals for the 2nd OIC Summit on Science and Technology, Uzbekistan

H.E. The Coordinator General COMSTECH chaired the Session and thanked the participants for approval of Work Plan and TORs of the Steering Committee. The Chair introduced the purpose of holding 2nd OIC Summit on Science and Technology in Uzbekistan in 2020, viz. reporting on the progress made towards achieving the targets set up in OIC STI Agenda 2026; identifying obstacles to progress; and providing further motivation to member states for cooperation and investment in S&T; and highlighting the achievements of Member States in the intervening period between the two Summits.

Dr. Khurshid Hasanain briefed the participants about COMSTECH efforts for the 2nd Summit so far. He explained that a concept paper for the next Summit had been prepared for the 2nd Summit and shared with the OIC General Secretariat. COMSTECH had proposed “Science Diplomacy” as the theme of the next Summit. COMSTECH has also strongly advised the need for parallel activities and events at the Summit to showcase the progress being made, and the obstacles towards the achievement of the goals of the STI Agenda. COMSTECH also emphasized the need for sensitizing Heads of States towards investing in the implementation of the OIC STI Agenda 2026.

H.E. Amb. Muhammad Naeem Khan gave the background information on the preparations, ideas and purposes of holding the S&T Summit. He informed that during the 1st Summit in Kazakhstan, the Government of Uzbekistan had shown its keen interest to hold the 2nd OIC Summit on S&T in 2020.  In this regard the Government of Uzbekistan would like to sign the agreement with the OIC General Secretariat.

He further informed that during the 1st Summit, 5 awards were conferred on the leading scientists from the OIC Member States on their achievements in the field of Science, Technology and Innovation.  There were four different sessions and leading scientists and energy experts from the OIC Member States were invited as speakers. Sideline meetings and science exhibition were also organized.  Resulting from this, the Astana Declaration and OIC STI Agenda 2026 were adopted and COMSTECH was requested to prepare strategy to implement the plan.

The Assistant Secretary General requested the delegates to give their inputs and proposals particularly the theme for the 2nd OIC Summit on S&T so that they can be shared with the Government of Uzbekistan. There were several proposals and suggestions received from the floor and the Chair informed the delegates that these may be consolidated and forwarded to the Government of Uzbekistan for their part. These suggestions are summarized below:

Suggestions received from different institutions regarding focus and activities of the 2nd OIC STI Summit in 2020.

  1. OIC GS emphasized highlighting the activities of the different OIC S&T organs at the Summit and suggested that activity reports from each institution be made available at the Summit, and the efforts to achieve/make/progress towards the goals of the STI Agenda 2026 by the institutions be projected.
  2. COMSTECH explained that they had suggested “science diplomacy” as the theme of the Summit so as to emphasize the mutual benefits that accrue to respective member states by contributing to the STI Agenda programs. They referred to the opening statements of their representative with regards to COMSTECH suggestions for the 2nd Summit. Additionally, they suggested that the selection and announcement of Awards to Scientists at the Summit can be further improved.  
  3. IsDB proposed that the UN SDG#9 (Building Resilient Infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation) be adopted as the theme of the next Summit. They also suggested that the Science and Policy interface (strategy-policy) discussions be held and universities highlight innovation efforts. IsDB also emphasized the need of discussing resources for implementing the STI Agenda, with the Heads of States.
  4. COMCEC suggested that there should be one well defined theme for the Summit and that should be one of the priorities of the STI Agenda 2026.They also suggested holding an OIC STI Fair on the sidelines of the Summit including an exhibition for success stories of Science, Technology and Innovation in OIC countries. They suggested forming a panel for discussion on “knowledge economy for economic development”. They suggested publicizing and disseminating information about these events to governments, civil society and academia of OIC countries.
  5. ISESCO suggested that the second Summit should focus on the specific targets set up by the 1st Summit and report on the progress thereby. They also spoke of advising member states for specific actions they need to undertake to address the needs of S&T development.
  6. SESRIC suggested as the theme for next Summit, “Exchange of scientific knowledge among member states” and emphasized the need for exposure of researchers and students to the cultures of different member states. They also proposed conducting a survey of the achievements of member states and a scientific fair at the summit showcasing the success stories.
  7. ICYF suggested that the Summit can be made an important opportunity for encouraging young people. Success stories of young people (e.g. entrepreneurs) need to be highlighted at the Summit and private sector should be invited for match making of innovators and investors.
  8. IAS suggested that dialogue between policy makers and scientists should be encouraged at the Summit. They also suggested inviting representatives from the industry at the occasion and for interaction with them to identify the obstacles for industrialization.

In the end, The First Meeting of the Steering Committee for the Implementation of OIC STI Agenda 2026 strongly condemned the terrorism incident in New Zealand and showed the sympathies with the victims. They also urge the New Zealand government to take strong and effective measures to counter rising Islamophobia in the country.

The meeting was concluded on the vote of thanks by the Chair


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