2nd Consultative Workshop on the Project on Promotion of Plant Genetic Resources Use for Varietal Development and Integration in the Seed System

November 18-19, 2019, Baku- Azerbaijan

The second consultative workshop for finalizing the proposal of a multinational project on “Promotion of Plant Genetic Resources Use, Varietal Development and Integration in the Seed System” was held in Baku Azerbaijan on 18th & 19th of November 2019. The workshop was jointly organized by COMSTECH, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Agriculture Azerbaijan and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The first day of the workshop was devoted for the final inputs from the country Focal Persons (nominated by their respective governments) from four partner OIC Member States; Azerbaijan, Jordan, Oman and Pakistan.  On the second day of the workshop the project proposal after incorporating the recommendations of participants was shared with the invited potential donors including Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations Development Programme and Japan International Cooperation Agency. Representatives from donor organizations highly encouraged the initiative and suggested to submit the final project proposal for consideration of donor agencies.

Representatives from COMSTECH Secretariat Pakistan, Genetic Resources Institute of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), Azerbaijan; Field Crops Directorate, National Agriculture Research Centre, Jordan; Animal & Plant Genetic Resources Centre, The Scientific Research Council, Oman; Plant Genetic Resources Program, Bio-resources Conservation Institute, National Agricultural Research Centre, Pakistan; FAO Representative Office, Islamabad; Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department, Pakistan; COMSTECH Secretariat, Islamabad, Pakistan; Islamic Organization for Food Security, Kazakhstan; FAO Country Office Azerbaijan; Japan International Cooperation Agency Azerbaijan and United Nations Development Programme have participated in this workshop. COMSTECH will follow-up on finalizing and submission of the project in consultation with participating member states.

For programme of the event, please Click HERE .

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